Styx, 36"x44" 

In County Claire, 16"x40"  SOLD

Setting Fire to the Stars, 26"x33"

Chateau D'If, 36"x48" (sold)

Beyond the Tupuyes, 36"x36"

The Water's Edge, 12"x36"

On the High Chalk Hill, 16"x20"

Fra Angelico, 26"x40"

Star Husks, 36"x44"

The Androgynoius Dark 1, 30"x36"

The Citadel, 12"x36"

Beauvais 1, 12"x12"

A Ring of Seas, 30"x36"

Toward the Light, 16"x20"

Dieppe, 44"x60"

Laon, 30"x16"

The Androgynoius Dark 2, 16"x20"

Leaving Dover, 20"x40"

Cinque Terre 3, 44"x44"

Venezia, 44"x44"

Blue Lagoon 2, 11"x14"

Fauve, 16"x20"

Dark Mirror 2, 23"x30"

Enchanted Water, 36"x44"